The guide to perfect wedding lingerie

Now that you have said yes to the dress, it's time to pick the lingerie to go beneath. Although it seems like such a small detail, picking the current lingerie for your big day is a huge decision. You need something that can't be seen, as well as ensuring you feel body confident.

As well as being body confident, what about your first night as a married couple? No VPL underwear might not be the right choice, so what do you do? Buy 2 sets to fit both occasions?

Follow our guide below to make your wedding day lingerie shopping that little bit less stressful.

Wedding Day Lingerie Essentials guide.

When to start shopping:

The first thing to remember is weight loss can affect the fit of your lingerie - therefore if you purchase lingerie before any desired weight loss, your lingerie might not fit on the big day.

The second thing to think about before purchasing your bridal underwear is...THE DRESS! It's best to ensure you have found your dress before you even think about the type of lingerie you need.

When shopping for your dream dress, the best thing to do would be to take a selection of lingerie you already have. Our advice would be to take a plunge and a strapless/multiway bra, with no VPL thongs and any shaping knickers.

Now, we hear you asking when you should purchase the final set for the big day. The best option would be your first dress fitting. Why? So you get a feel for the lingerie. This will help you decide whether your lingerie choice is the right choice: can it be seen and is it comfortable? Try moving around, sitting down and dancing around in your dress and lingerie combination to see if it works and if anything needs adjusting.

Does my bridal lingerie have to be white?

Bridal stocking.

The answer to this is simple; no. Most brides to aim to match the colour of their dress - or at least similar. However, you might want to stick with the colour theme and have your lingerie match your flowers or bridesmaids.

However, when picking the colour of your lingerie, take into consideration the fabric of the gown. If your lingerie would be visible through the dress, your best bet might be picking a white or nude. Although, another thing to remember is sometimes bright white can show through - if so, ivory might be the better of the two.

Matching the right lingerie with your style of dress:

Strapless dresses are designed to fit snug under the arms and across the check and back, keeping it held up all day. Ensuring you have the correct bra for this type of dress will mean there is no overspill, as your boobs will be correctly supported. However large or petite your bust - there will be a strapless bra out there for you. Built in underwiring can help give you a natural lift meanwhile moulded cups can offer a naturally rounded shape. You can also purchase strapless bras with an additional push up, just in case you want that little helpful boost.

Strapless wedding dress.

Backless dresses are dainty and elegant, making them perfect for those summer/beach weddings. So having a bra show through ruins the elegant feel. Therefore strapless bras may not be the best choice. Pick a multiway bra or low back convertors that allows you to fasten up on the low of your back.

If you're feeling brave - go braless. However, for security it might be best to use fashion take to hold your gown in place or even use nipple covers.

Backless wedding dress.

A figure hugging dress might mean that shapewear is your best option. Although it might not be the sexiest choice, it keeps a smooth look throughout the actual day. If the dress is made from something like satin, a body or slip will help to ensure you are smooth from every angle.

Figure hugging wedding dress.

If you have a dress with a full skirt, the whole bridal-lingerie world is your oyster. Stockings, suspender, a lace two piece - go to town!

Choosing lingerie for the big night!

This once-in-a-lifetime night calls for once-in-a-lifetime lingerie - push the boat out! Choose something that emphasises your curves and makes YOU feel sexy.

Bodies/Basques are an amazing choice as they make you look and feel sexy. These timeless pieces are designed to emphasis your can even spice them up that little bit more by adding stockings or hold ups.

Chemises are like nighties, but sexier. Usually the perfect combination of satin and lace, they snugly fit over your bust whilst flowing gracefully over the rest of your body...making them perfect if you're not body confident (which should be!)

Sets can help you to set the mood. From cupless bras, suspenders and knickers to just a gorgeous lace bra and brief set...there are endless opportunities.

Written by Paige

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