How Much Underwear Should You Take On Holiday?

Many people find it difficult to pack for their holidays, especially when it comes to weekends away where you can only take a hand luggage sized case. Regardless of how many outfits you take, underwear is non-negotiable. Here are some things to think about when packing underwear for your travels.

What to consider when packing your holiday underwear

There are lots of factors that may come into play when deciding how many and which types of underwear sets you’ll need for your trip such as:

  • The number of days you’ll be going away for
  • The temperature and weather in your holiday destination
  • The type of holiday (city break, beach holiday etc.)
  • Whether you’re planning on washing your lingerie while on holiday

The difficulty often lies in finding underwear that suits every outfit. You may need some comfortable briefs for a walking trip in the day but also a nude thong to match with a light-coloured body con dress for the evening. No VPL underwear is a great all rounder and tends to work well under most outfits as it doesn't show any panty lines and is usually made from soft fabrics. One of the best ways to decide which styles of underwear to bring is by making a list of all your outfits and pairing lingerie with each one.

If you’re still unsure about how many pairs of underwear to take, try this Holiday Underwear Counter created by Meme Queens. They’ve produced a formula which works out how many pairs of undies you should pack depending on a series of questions. We love it!

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The best travel underwear

For most of us, the holiday starts when we get to the airport. But nobody wants to feel uncomfortable when sipping on their prosecco in the airport lounge or buckling into the plane.

Travelling can be uncomfortable even at the best of times, so you should choose a style of underwear that fits you well and won’t rub or dig in. You’ll likely be wearing your travel underwear for quite a few hours, so choosing styles made from soft fabrics like microfibre or cotton will keep you feeling content.

The best underwear for hot humid weather

Summer holidays go hand in hand with hot weather. If you’re on a beach holiday, you’ll most likely spend your day lounging around a pool in your new swimwear. However, it’s still useful to know which types of underwear are the best for keeping you cool and staying fresh in those hotter climes.

Cotton bras and knickers are ideal as cotton is breathable and wicks away moisture from the body. For this reason, it keeps you feeling cool and won’t become itchy or leave you feeling too sweaty.

Non-padded bras are also a good idea as the lack of padding will make them more breathable. These are suitable for women with boobs of all sizes and look great under summer dresses and blouses.

Alternatively, spacer bras could be a great summer option. They aren't padded but have spacer technology that makes the bra breathable and increases airflow up to four times as much as a normal non-padded bra. The spacer foam used in these bras helps to regulate temperature, keeping you comfortable in warm weather. The Magic Wire Lite Spacer Bra by Triumph is an ideal choice as it has magic wire technology which offers support without digging in or feeling heavy.

You’d be mistaken for thinking that lace would be the perfect fabric for hot-weather lingerie. While it does have holes in it, lace underwear is often made from synthetic fabrics which can actually make you feel sweatier. We would suggest saving the lace lingerie for when the sun goes down!

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How to pack your underwear

There’s no point spending time carefully choosing your holiday underwear if it’s just going to get damaged in your case. The best way to transport your lingerie is in a bag or pocket within your case. A specialist underwear travel bag or underwear laundry bag will work best, ensuring that items don’t snag your knickers or ruin the hooks on your bras.

Bras are best stored stacked into each other to keep the shape of the cup. If possible, keep your bras and knickers separate so that your bra hooks don’t pull on the delicate fabric of your underwear. Once in their relevant bags, your lingerie should sit quite flat and can be placed in your case without taking up too much room.

Washing your underwear while on holiday

You may want to wash your delicates while you’re away. Whether that’s because you’re on a long trip or just want to pack your case with clothes that feel fresher, there are certain tips you should follow.

  • Use warm water to ensure not to shrink or damage the delicate fabric
  • Swirl a small amount of gentle detergent or travel wash into the water
  • Place your underwear in the water and let them soak for 5-10 minutes, then rub each item to get rid of any dirt or sweat
  • Lay your underwear out to dry on a towel


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Written by Lauren

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