What should be in your Lingerie drawer?...Everything You Need To Know

It's safe to say we don't need much encouragement when it comes to buying clothes to update the old wardrobe. But why is it when it comes to replenishing the knicker drawer it's not so much a priority. In fact we seem to neglect it quite alot and "make do" with what we have got. Now you're probably wondering, well what should be in my lingerie drawer?  But don't worry, we've come to your rescue to tell you everything you need to know.

The basics are an absolute must have in your lingerie collection! And the good news is they don't have to be boring. Black, White and Nude are the basics which can be worn with everyday outfits.  They don't have to be plain and dull. Mesh, lace, decorative ribbons and charms can really bring out the best in boring colours. Long gone are the days where nude underwear has to look ugly, view our full range here .

Now you may think who cares what your underwear looks like, no one is going to see it, right? That maybe the case, however its been proven wearing fancy undies naturally brings out the confidence and a 'feel good' mood. Alternatively, you may want to show it off to a special someone, so be sure you have a few sexy pieces in your collection for those special occasions. Find our sexy lingerie here .  A little lace now and again hurt nobody.

Finding the right lingerie for a night out can be a tricky one. You definitely cannot wear your comfy pants under your fave bodycon dress. However there's clever tips and tricks on the market that will cover your bits and bobs and make you look and feel great on any night out! the View our full range on our website.

As much as we've mentioned a lot of important lingerie must haves so far, a t-shirt bra is the fundamental key piece that needs to be in every woman's life. It's a versatile statement that adapts under any day to day outfit. As well as that, it provides all day comfort and provides a natural shape to any bust. A t-shirt bra is something that works for any boob type, regardless of size and shape, there will always be a t-shirt bra out there that is perfect for you. View our full range here.

Not our favourite time of the month, so there's nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable underwear. Some may call them granny pants, but they sure do the job. The high rise and full coverage allows full support and pulls you in for the ultimate comfort. They can still look good with a wide variety available, they don't have to be completely like Bridget Jones knickers!

So there you have it, now there'll be some of you who buy endless amounts of lingerie and never seem to wear it, and there'll be some that simply don't buy enough. Treat this as a guide as to what should be in you lingerie drawer as a starting point.


You don't wear the same outfit for all occasions, so why wear the same lingerie?

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Written by Sonia Arranch

Journalism graduate working as a Creative Content & Social Media Executive at Lingerie Outlet Store. "CREATIVITY is intelligence having FUN"

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