Because of its popularity, babydoll nightwear comes in a wide range of designs, materials and styles. However, every babydoll will fit tight around the bosom, then flow outwards or hang loose around the waist. The bralette styled design can enhance your cleavage and give your bust good support. The loose fit around the tummy and waist is great for directing attention elsewhere.

When should I wear a babydoll?

Babydolls as sexy lingerie:

Babydolls are most popular as lingerie worn to impress. They’re perfect for special occasions and cosy nights with a partner because of their sultry aesthetic. However, the different designs and features have other benefits too.

A one-piece babydoll is great for those who aren’t confident with their tummy or waistline. It will keep any lumps or bumps hidden yet remain seductive and suggestive.

A babydoll that splits in the middle can be great for drawing attention to the bust line. The outflow of the split material acts as a leading line and draws the eye up to the bust. If you don’t mind a little waist or tummy on show, this style of babydoll can be super suggestive and be a welcome addition to your lingerie collection for both you and your partner.

For those who want a babydoll that will draw attention to the lower body, choose one that finishes at the waist. You won’t have much in the way of back-coverage, but in some situations, this can be a good thing. Just make sure the rest of your lingerie ensemble is as sexy as your babydoll.

One of the most popular options, a babydoll that drops to the mid-thigh looks super sexy yet gives you substantial cover. If you often feel a little anxious with more revealing forms of lingerie, but want to spice things up, a mid-thigh babydoll is the answer. If you prefer the cover of a mid-thigh babydoll but still want something a little sultry, choose a sheer material with extra lift around the bustline.

Babydolls for sleep:

Consider wearing a babydoll to sleep for a luxurious approach to sleep. If you’re not a fan of sleeping nude, the light materials and supportive bralette can maximise your comfort through the night.

For women with larger cup sizes, it can often be difficult to find nightwear that both feels good but gives the right support. Look for features like underwiring and push-up to make sure you get the support you need. If you’re petite or have a smaller bust, a babydoll with a shelf bra can look great and give you that extra hold through the night.

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