Simple sleepwear and sexy lingerie all in one, the Chemise is the versatile option you may not have realised you need. At Lingerie Outlet Store we stock chemise nightwear from the likes of DKNY, Chantelle, Passionata, Pour Moi and more. So, whether you want a sleek, seductive chemise, or something cute and comfy, our range of ladies nightwear will have something for you.

What is a chemise?

Also known as a slip, the chemise is a close-fitting yet light nightwear garment for your upper body. However, their hemlines do range in length and can fall anywhere from the waist to mid-thigh. Often worn under more formal outfits as lingerie, or as a simple solution to sleepwear, a chemise offers a range of benefits.

Why should I wear a chemise?

Originally the chemise was a simple shirt worn beneath outer garments to prevent body oils and sweat showing through to fancier outfits. With the invention of the washing machine, showers and deodorants, the chemise could have fallen out of favour. Instead, she evolved and is now considered a must-have for both your sexy lingerie and pyjama drawers.

A chemise is typically made from light materials like silk, satin, and cotton. For those more interested in a chemise for sleep, a cotton chemise will give you breathability and comfort throughout the night. As they’re always lightweight, they’re perfect for any time of year. What’s more, they’re always designed to look feminine, so you’ll feel and look great while relaxing.

Nowadays, the chemise is most popular as a form of intimate apparel. With a chemise designed with more than just the wearer in mind, you get a whole range of styles and designs. Typically made from silk, satin, lace or other high-quality materials, they’re a tactile and sensual form of nightwear ready to impress. But with plenty of choice comes plenty of questions. So, how do you know what kind of chemise both you and your partner will enjoy the most? Here are the most popular to give you some ideas before you browse.

  • Satin Chemise:

    Satin lingerie is extremely popular and the satin chemise is no different. Cool to the touch and effortlessly slipping over skin, a satin chemise is delicate and feels great. Lightweight with a slight shimmer, a satin chemise will get your partner feeling hot under the collar, if they’re wearing one.

  • Lace Chemise:

    No lingerie guide is complete with a nod to lace. A lace chemise is a super luxury option and with the curve-enhancing design, is perfect for those special occasions. Consider sheer lace if you fancy something a little more risqué.

  • Black Chemise:

    Whatever the material, a black chemise always makes for the best lingerie. Plenty of black chemise nightwear comes with extra touches like strap details and gorgeous, floral necklines and hemlines. Choose black chemise nightwear for a seductive, gothic-inspired style with a touch of class and elegance.

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