There’s nothing quite like changing into your pyjamas at the end of a long day and getting snug on the sofa or in curling up in bed. While pyjamas are arguably the most comfortable garments we own, they don’t have to be frumpy or boring. From full-length, cosy styles for winter to teeny silk playsuits and nighties in summer, there’s a pyjama style for everyone.

What are the different styles of ladies pyjamas?

Most people wear pyjamas every night, so it wouldn’t make sense to have one style for all year round. Depending on the temperature and your comfort preferences, you might choose to have a few different styles of pyjamas in your drawer to wear at different times.

Short pyjamas

Short pyjamas can either come in a set or as separates, but generally consist of a pair of pyjama shorts and a matching t-shirt, vest or camisole. Pyjama shorts are a summer staple, helping you to feel suitably covered up while still managing to stay cool in the hotter temperatures. Choosing cotton short pyjamas will keep you super cool, while the fabric helps to wick away moisture keeping you feeling fresh. Short silk or satin pyjamas give off a sexier aesthetic when trimmed with lace and can be perfect for a night in with your partner.

Cropped pyjamas

Cropped pyjama bottoms are ideal for those who tend to get overly warm in bed and need a garment that will let their skin breathe. Their length makes them a more modest approach to summer nightwear than pyjama shorts, coming halfway up the lower half of the leg or just below the knee. They are often available in pretty patterns and a variety of fabrics such as elastane, jersey and cotton.

Long pyjamas

Everyone’s favourites in winter, long pyjama tops and bottoms cover the arms and legs making them the most snug of nightwear options. Ladies long pyjamas come in straight, tapered or jogger style bottoms, depending on your comfort preferences. Long sleeved pyjama tops can have either scoop or V neck styles and sometimes come with detail around the neckline. So, you can still feel feminine and sexy while being wrapped up warm.


Ladies onesies are a fun alternative to traditional pyjama sets. Long onesies are super comfortable and have the added bonus of not riding up or falling down. Short onesies are cute and playful in beautiful fabrics with feminine designs. They can also be very flattering to most body shapes and leave you feeling confident and sleek. Long onesies are perfect for loungewear or ‘duvet days’ – everyone should have at least one onesie in their pyjama collection!


While you may think of traditional nightdresses as conservative, dull and only suitable for mature ladies, nighties no longer have the same stigma. With more fitted, shorter styles to show off your figure while remaining cool in warm weather, a nightie might be the ideal choice for your summer sleepwear. Sleepshirts are also super sexy, giving that androgynous aesthetic with buttons running down the front, making them incredibly easy to put on and take off.

What is the right pyjama style for me?

The main aspect to consider when choosing your pyjamas is which style you’ll feel most comfortable in. While short pyjama sets and nighties leave your legs bare, not all women will feel comfortable having this much skin on show. Cotton is the most breathable and hygienic fabric, so choosing long pyjama bottoms in cotton can keep you just as cool as going bare-legged.

You’ll also want to think about styles that suit your body shape. If you’re worried about having garments digging in, riding up or shifting during the night, a onesie or nightie might be better for you. If you wear a different size on your top half and bottom half, pyjama separates might be the way to go, allowing you to choose the size that fits you best on both halves.

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