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Whether snuggly or sexy, dressing gowns are the ideal cover-up item to throw on over your nightwear. The feeling of stepping out of a hot bubble bath and slipping on your dressing gown after a stressful day at work is super relaxing. From fluffy dressing gowns that keep us cosy in winter to lightweight dressing gown styles that are perfect for hotter nights, there’s a dressing gown that’s suitable for everyone.

When should I wear a dressing gown?

The simple answer here is whenever you want! Ladies dressing gowns, also known as housecoats and robes, are just another nightwear item that you can wear around the house when you want to feel your most comfortable.

Many people choose to wear a dressing gown when getting out of the bath or shower before they get changed into their clothing or pyjamas. Putting on a dressing gown means you can finalise your grooming regime, applying moisturiser or drying your hair without feeling too hot or uncomfortable in your clothing. They are also perfect for putting on over your pyjamas in winter when you need an extra layer of warmth, or in summer if you have guests and don’t feel comfortable walking around in just your pyjamas.

A silk dressing gown can also be a fantastic edition to your lingerie selection. Sometimes covering up can be part of the thrill of a special night in, leaving more to the imagination and providing you with a big reveal as the night goes on.

What are the different types of dressing gown?

Women’s dressing gowns are available in lots of different fabrics, depending on your needs and the occasion you’ll be using it for.

Fleece dressing gown

The most traditional style of dressing gown and probably the one everyone already has hanging in their bedroom, fleece dressing gowns offer the ultimate in comfort and warmth. These usually come in either plain or waffle styles and can have cute patterns, trims or detail. These are perfect as a Christmas present or just a nice treat for yourself to wear during a cosy movie night. Who doesn’t love the feeling of wearing a fluffy dressing gown?

Cotton dressing gown

Cotton is a natural fabric and, as such, has hygienic properties and wicks away moisture from the body. A cotton dressing gown is, therefore, a brilliant option for summer months or to pack and take away on holiday with you. They are lightweight and won’t take up much room in your suitcase but will provide the ideal cover-up to use while applying after sun lotion to your legs and arms. Cotton jersey dressing gowns are also super stretchy and comfortable, making them a great option for expectant or new mums.

Silk or satin dressing gown

These luxurious garments will suit a range of situations and are best seen than hidden away for your own use lounging around the house. If you’re planning a date night in with your significant other, a silk or satin dressing gown is a great way to cover up while still getting the pulse racing. Silk dressing gowns are also a fabulous option for brides-to-be and bridesmaids getting ready together before the big day. Or, if you’re having a pamper session with the girls, matching dressing gowns will add that personalised touch to the day and make you feel extra special

Whatever your occasion or preferred aesthetic, our lingerie and nightwear experts would love to help if you have any queries. Call us today on 01793 487100.