Beachwear at Lingerie Outlet Store

Summer! It’s the time of year we love to hate and hate to love.

It’s tough enough deciding what’s right to wear on holiday, let alone a British beach! Having beachwear at hand can help if you’ve misjudged your outfit for the occasion. What’s more, ladies’ beachwear can help prevent sunburn, cover imperfections, and even double up as an evening dress. At Lingerie Outlet Store we stock a huge range of beachwear from Kaftan and Maxi beach dresses to beach shorts and ultra-glam sarongs.

And if you’re one of the lucky ones jumping on a plane over summer, there’s even more you need to consider. So, while there’s nothing quite like packing for a holiday, you’ll no doubt have a million and one questions about what makes the grade for your suitcase. This is where beachwear comes into its own.

For a hassle-free holiday

When you hit the beach, you don’t want any mishaps. No matter how well you choose your bikinis and swimwear, there can be the potential for something to go wrong. Sunburn? No thanks. Sunstroke? Definitely not. Lacking confidence? Not on holiday, thank you very much. But don’t worry, beachwear for women quite literally has you covered! Whether its luxury beachwear, cheap beachwear, or a mix of the two, Lingerie Outlet Store stock a range of high-end designs at discount prices.

What types of beachwear are available?

Beachwear dresses and cover ups are incredibly versatile and will have you looking and feeling glam poolside, on the beach, and later in the evening if things get a little out of hand.

A maxi halter beach dress is the ultimate in luxury beachwear and style. Offering a light, cool approach to full cover they’re great for covering up if you’re susceptible to sunburn, but also work great when a chilled day at the beach turns to a night-time party. They often come with ruching details, which not only mean they’re fine to throw on straight from a crammed beach-bag, but also help streamline your silhouette.

For beach dresses that are a little more casual yet still super stylish, consider a kaftan or kimono. Kaftans originated in the Middle East, and as descendants of the silk road, they’re known for their high quality, intricate designs. Kaftans are fabulous because they don’t pin themselves to one body type. From petite to ultra-curvy, kaftans are a fabulous, multi-function style of beachwear. Kimonos are the Japanese equivalent and often feature incredibly ornate floral detailing, in a loose, silky finish. Block the sun, keep cool, and look great with these fabulous beachwear cover ups.

Beach shorts range from sophisticated, luxury bikini shorts to more casual, sporty designs. Bikini shorts are great for those who want full coverage and support while still looking attractive and pleasing to the eye. Sportier designs can be great for those spontaneous types who might break up a chilled day with a game of volleyball.

Shopping for beachwear has never been easier!

Having the right beachwear in your suitcase and beach-bag can really help with any unexpected issues, whether you’re BBQing down by the shore, or parading the beaches of Ibiza. With options for cheap beachwear right through to luxury, you’ll find what you need at Lingerie Outlet Store.

Remember to take advantage of our 30-day guarantee and free UK delivery to make sure you get the perfect outfits for the whole summer.

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