Bikini shopping with Lingerie Outlet Store

There aren’t many pieces of ladieswear that can have you feeling as feminine as a bikini.

By their very nature, they emphasize the female form. This will have the confident strutting their stuff, while those less so struggle to make their way out the changing rooms. But this doesn’t need to be the case. At Lingerie Outlook Store we know that finding the right bikini can be crucial to enjoying a holiday or spa weekend, that’s why we stock a variety of bikini sets ready to have you looking and feeling your best.

What are the most popular bikini tops?

  • Plunge Bikini Top - Like plunge bras, a plunge bikini top can emphasize your bust line and maximise your cleavage. If you want to make a statement, a plunge bikini can ramp up the glam. Perfect for a beach party or poolside club.
  • Padded Bikini Top - If you want a little extra lift or push than a traditional bikini, padded bikinis give you similar support to a padded bra, giving your boobs enhanced shape and rounding.
  • Balconette Bikini Top - Balconette bikinis get their support underwiring below the bust line. This means they provide a natural-looking push. With their half or one-third coverage, they’re a great option for impressing your partner and feeling great all summer long.
  • Triangle Bikini Top - Triangle bikinis are named so for their shape. They have string attached to the cups which are then tied around the back of the neck, similar to a halter neck bikini. They’re a casual yet cute approach to swimwear and because they don’t take up much space, they’re a must-have for any summer suitcase!
  • Floral and Circular Pattern Bikini Tops - Choose a bikini with a floral or circular pattern to enhance the appearance of your bust. For those with smaller cup sizes, a patterned bikini top can give your bust the appearance of an extra cup size. If you don’t want to increase the size of your bust, your best opting for a darker, more monotone design.

What are the best bikini bottoms?

  • Full Deep Bikini Briefs - Often stylish, often sweet, full deep bikini briefs provide a comfortable fit with good overall coverage. If you want a bikini that won’t have you feeling exposed yet will still look great, this is your best bet.
  • Hipster Bikini Briefs - Hipster bikini briefs combine thick hip-hugging sides with a low-rise front. They’re a sexier take on a sporty design and are therefore super versatile, ready for any occasion.
  • Mid and High Rise Bikini Briefs - If you need a little support around the waist, hips, or tummy, a mid-rise or high rise bikini is your best bet. As the name suggests, they rise higher than traditional bikinis and can help enhance your curves and shape.
  • Bikini Shorts - Bikini shorts are on the rise. With every passing decade women are becoming more empowered and less required to dress for others – long may it continue! Bikini shorts give you extra cover than briefs, in a range of designs from sporty through to floral. They’re great to have on hand for days where you don’t fancy the exposure for traditional bikini bottoms.

Shopping for a bikini has never been easier

We all want to feel and look our best on holiday. The poolside can feel like a catwalk, the beach a golden runway.

So, it’s important that your choice of bikini makes you feel your best. What’s more, at Lingerie Outlook Store you won’t have to spend a month’s wages getting your suitcase ready. Plenty of our cheap bikinis are considered the best bikinis, and with high-end brands at discount prices, both you and your bank balance will be looking fabulous, ready to make the coming summer the best one yet.

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