Not all women wear the same size on both halves of their body. For this reason, buying bikini bottoms and bikini tops separately means you can get a size that fits you comfortably without having to compromise. You can also tailor your bikini bottom choices to whatever styles you feel most comfortable in, mixing and matching with different bikini tops.

What are the different bikini bottom styles?

Depending on your body shape and the aesthetic you want to achieve, there are plenty of different styles of bikini bottoms to choose from:

  • Regular bikini briefs – These have the classic ‘brief’ shape, giving enough coverage on both the front and the back to ensure you feel comfortable in and out of the water.
  • Fold over bikini briefs – With a waistband that is folded over, women who are conscious about their tummy area can feel supported and suitably covered in this flattering style.
  • Tie side bikini bottoms – A more risqué style, tie side bikini bottoms are feminine and sexy with gorgeous details at the side. They pair well with triangle bikini tops.
  • Frill bikini bottoms – Bikini bottoms with frills enhance your figure dramatically. For those with slender hips, frills can make you appear more curvy in a gorgeous, vintage style.
  • Gathered bikini briefs – Bikini briefs that have gathers on the front or back act like shapewear and streamline your figure. A ruched bikini bottom is ideal for new mums, providing space and texture to disguise any lumps or bumps.
  • High waisted bikini bottoms – The all-rounder of bikini bottoms which look gorgeous on all body shapes. Those with athletic figures can create curves with high rise bikini bottoms while pear shaped and apple shaped women can create the illusion of a tiny waist.

The important thing with any bikini bottoms is that you feel comfortable and confident while wearing them. Whether you choose white, black, red, navy or patterned bikini bottoms, there’s something that will make everyone feel amazing. Not sure which style will suit you best? Our 30-day guarantee means even if you order a few styles and don’t love them all, you can return them.

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