The right swimsuit will have you feeling great, looking great, and most importantly, moving great. As with all ladies wear, the right fit is crucial to both style and comfort, that’s why we stock a wide variety of swimsuits for all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a new one-piece swimsuit to enhance your performance in the pool, or something beautiful for a holiday, you’ll find it at Lingerie Outlet Store. However, when considering a new swimsuit, there’s a couple of considerations you need to make.

How to find the best swimsuit:

  1. Support and Shape:

    Swimsuits are figure-hugging and despite their good coverage, don’t leave much to the imagination. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get the shape and support you desire. Swimsuits for women are designed to enhance your silhouette and come with a range of supporting features to help you look and feel your best. Choose a swimsuit with underwire and padded cups for uplift and control of the bustline. If your tummy isn’t supermodel flat, a swimsuit with tummy control can help smooth out any lumps and bumps. If you’re planning your suitcase and fancy a swimsuit that maximises your cleavage but doesn’t leave you as exposed as a bikini, a plunge swimsuit can do the trick. What’s more, we also stock a range of plus size swimwear, so for those with more curves, you can still find beautiful swimwear.

  2. Confidence and Style:

    Unless you never leave the pool, your swimsuit will at some point leave itself and you on display. So, as well as getting the right shaping and support, you also need a style that makes you feel confident. At Lingerie Outlet Store we stock black one-piece swimsuits which are great for giving you a sleek, slimline aesthetic; fashionable red swimsuits with cute waist ties, perfect for pairing with a poolside cocktail; luxurious white swimsuits, and many, many more.

  3. Comfort:

    Getting the right support from a swimsuit is not all about how you look. A swimsuit that matches the needs of your body is a swimsuit that is comfortable and easy to wear. Swimsuits for women need to be comfortable regardless of their purpose, whether that’s relaxing in the sun with a book or completing twenty laps in the local gym. If you’re more interested in lounging than doing laps, choose a swimsuit that keeps your body in shape even when lying down. If you’re looking for swimwear that’ll help keep you active and enhance your performance, consider a swimsuit with stretch fabric and bust support.

Before you purchase your new swimsuit, it’s important to identify when it’s going to be used. This will help you decide whether style or practicality is your biggest concern. There are plenty of swimsuits that are practical and look great, but to get the most out of your new purchase, make sure you look at all the supporting features. Remember, we offer free UK delivery and a 30-day return policy to ensure you’re 100% satisfied.

For any more information on our range of swimsuits and swimwear, call our helpful team today on 01793 487100.