You’d be forgiven for thinking the tankini a minor part of the swimwear world, however, they’re super popular for a whole variety of reasons. When it comes to holidays, anxiety over what to wear on the beach and by the pool is common. A ladies tankini is a game-changer and can flip the script from frustration and nerves to body confidence and glamour. This swimwear solution, put simply, blends the youth and freedom of a bikini with the support and comfort of a swimsuit. Tankinis can range in length but usually finish around the waist. This means they’re great for keeping you covered without the need for extra beachwear. Most tankini tops come with matching bikini bottoms too, giving you a consistent and stylish look for the gym, beach and pool.

What are the benefits of a Tankini?


One of the most popular features of a women's tankini is the ample support it can provide for even the fullest busts. Add in the extra tummy coverage and you have a swimwear piece that’s both stylish and inspires confidence. If you do have a full bust, choose a style with concealed underwiring to get the day-long support you need. But this doesn’t mean they aren’t right for those more petite. Plenty of tankini sets provide extra lift and shaping of the bustline with padded cups and support panels, perfect for those with smaller frames who want some enhancements!


Not only can you pair tankini tops with briefs, shorts and swim skirts, they also come in a whole range of designs and styles. If you want swimwear that’ll flatten the tummy, but show off some cleavage, there’s the option for a plunge tankini with lightly padded cups. If you want something that suggests fun and funky, choose a design with a tribal, Aztec pattern. Plenty of tankini swimsuits come with adjustable straps and even removable straps, turning your top into a bandeau. They’re great for mixing and matching with other bikini bottoms, shorts and even skirts, and are therefore perfect for a holiday suitcase!


This style of swimwear is usually made from more comfortable materials than a standard, cheap, high-street bikini. As they cover more of the body, they’re designed with more movement in mind than a bikini and are less restrictive than a full swimsuit. With supporting features for the bust, tummy, waist and hips, a tankini gets rid of any stress about potential mishaps and leaves you to enjoy the day.

The Tankini and Female Empowerment:

When you think tankini, you probably think modest and conservative. And while it’s true you can get styles that match these descriptions, there are plenty more risqué and forward-thinking options out there.

What those first descriptions categorically do not match is Anne Cole – the designer who invented the Tankini in the late 1990s. Kicked out of school and friend of celebrities, Anne Cole was fierce, strong, and confident in her ability.

Like all her swimwear, the tankini is based on her philosophy that ‘Women know they are sexy. They don’t have to wear a bathing suit that says so.’ The legendary swimwear designer was a firm believer that women ‘should wear swimwear, not the other way around.’

Sadly, she passed away in early 2017, but her forward-thinking, sophisticated approach to women’s swimwear will live on. Most notably through her legendary tank style, but also through her self-named fashion line which has been a leader in ladies’ swimwear ever since its inception.

So, wear your tankini and wear it proudly. Flaunt your best assets and rock the beach and pool with a knowledge that what you’re wearing is a symbol of power. A symbol that says women don’t choose their swimwear for the benefit of others. Sure, these sets can look fabulous and catch the eye, but it’s always on your terms.

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