Once famous for their slogan, ‘Chantelle, the girdle that never rides up’ back in 1949, this French brand is all about creating lingerie that women can wear for any occasion. Their Parisian influence makes for classy, timeless and elegant underwear garments, from understated t-shirt bras to sexy lace briefs. There is also a large range of Chantelle swimwear, giving you that chic French style whether you’re relaxing by a pool or on the beach.

History of Chantelle lingerie

Founded in 1876, the creators of the soon-to-be Chantelle, were also responsible for making the first elasticised fabrics which stretched in two directions. That means we have a lot to thank them for today! This revolutionised the way in which corsets were made and thought turned to constructing a garment that gave a desirable waist line while still offering easy movement and flexibility. In 1902, founder Maurice Kretz launched the first girdles made from these new fabrics. They took off and became a huge success for the company.

Soon after, corsets were no longer the fashion, and the 1920s saw celebration of a more androgynous, boyish silhouette. This didn’t stop the success of the company who became Chantelle in 1949. Ready to take the New Look of the 1950s by storm, Chantelle became the go-to brand for their famous girdles, perfect for that cinched-in waist.

1960 saw the launch of the brand’s ready-to-wear collection. They hired a British corset maker, ‘Miss Hadley’ to help them get the job done properly. The doors to Chantelle’s first factory in Erpernay, France, opened in 1962 while their first German office was opened in Dusseldorf.

Over the next five decades, Chantelle dedicated themselves to creating stunning, wearable garmets which always had their customers in mind. From the creation of seamless bras and seductive lace pieces to reinventions of the original girdle that made them successful, Chantelle have transformed into one of the worlds biggest lingerie brands. They appear in magazines, luxury department stores and underwear drawers of many successful women. Today, we’re happy to bring you pieces from Chantelle online at a fraction of their usual price.

What is available in the Chantelle collection?

It’s no doubt that Chantelle are a luxury lingerie brand. Finding Chantelle underwear at an affordable price in the UK can be difficult, which is why we’re so happy to have them for sale at Lingerie Outlet Store.

Bras by Chantelle

Finding a bra that fits well and feels comfortable isn’t always easy. The Chantelle collection of bras has so many different styles that you’re sure to find one that you will fall in love with. Styles in this range include:

  • Bulletpoint T-shirt
  • Bulletpoint Balcony
  • Bulletpoint Plunge/ Plunge T-shirt
  • Bulletpoint Push up/ Push up T-shirt
  • Bulletpoint Full cup side support
  • Bulletpoint Multiway
  • Bulletpoint Sports bras
  • Bulletpoint Mastectomy

Visit the Chantelle Bras page to see the range in full and find out more information.

Other lingerie by Chantelle

If you love the bras in the Chantelle sale, you’ll likely also love their knickers, bodysuits and other underwear garments, too. Other lingerie by Chantelle includes:

  • Bulletpoint Regular briefs
  • Bulletpoint Brazilian briefs
  • Bulletpoint Hipster briefs
  • Bulletpoint Short briefs
  • Bulletpoint High waist briefs
  • Bulletpoint Thongs
  • Bulletpoint Bodysuits
  • Bulletpoint Vests

These are available in a range of colours, fabrics and styles depending on the occasion or your comfort preferences. Head to our Chantelle underwear section for further information on all the lingerie by Chantelle.

Swimwear by Chantelle

Last, but certainly not least, there is a huge range of Chantelle swimwear on offer to suit all different body types. Whether you want a comfortable swimsuit to flatter your figure and give you a gorgeous streamlined shape or a mix and match bikini set to show off your tan by the pool, there is a solution by Chantelle.

Because the overall style of the brand is chic and elegant, the products in this range are sophisticated and don’t show off more than is necessary. This is the perfect range for classy ladies who want to enhance their figure without drawing attention for the wrong reasons. With carefully selected patterns and flattering cuts around the waist, legs and bust, these pieces will have you feeling beautiful every summer for years to come.

And that doesn’t just go for swimwear. The same extends to their lingerie collections which are created with women in mind every step of the way. Garment construction methods have been passed down through generations, so you’ll still be getting the same style, care and attention to detail that’s been making Chantelle a success story for over 100 years.

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