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It may seem obvious what a non-padded bra is, and what it does. However, there’s more science behind their design than most realise. Where a padded bra has extra material added between the outer layer and the cup, a non-padded bra does not. This means that your boobs are allowed to breathe, can keep a more natural shape, and will fit perfectly into tighter clothes.

Who should wear a non-padded bra?

Firstly, a bit of myth-busting; it’s not a bra’s padding that gives you support or lift. The weight of your bust is shared between the band, the straps and the underwire, not the padding. So, if you think that a non-padded bra equals poor shaping, you couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s why non-padded bras are great for all body shapes and sizes. For those with smaller chest sizes, you may want a non-padded bra to keep your bra discreet beneath a dress or t-shirt. Women with larger boobs often prefer a non-padded bra because of their breathability and comfort.

What are the different types of non-padded bra?

  • Non Padded Push Up Bra: For when you’re feeling a bit more risqué or want to make an impression, a non-padded push-up bra can give you the aesthetic you need, alongside the cool comfort non-padded bras are famous for.
  • Non Padded Full Cup Bra: For those with larger boobs, a non-padded full cup bra could quickly become your best bra. Full cup bras can sometimes get too hot due to their full coverage. By opting for non-padded, you can stay cooler throughout the day, regardless of your chest or cup size.
  • Non-Padded Strapless Bra: Some outfits are best paired with a bra that is discreet and more natural. A non-padded strapless bra can give you the aesthetic you need while offering a good level of support and superior comfort.
  • Wire-Free Non Padded Bra: The queen of comfort and the healthiest of all the bra types, a non-wired, non-padded bra is the best option for when you’re sick of bras but don’t fancy going totally bra-free. And don’t worry, there are plenty of options for extra support even without padding or a wire.
  • Non Padded Plunge Bra: Not all cleavage bras need padding. In fact, a non-padded plunge bra can often give you the sexy, confidence-boosting aesthetic you need. The lack of padding means a more natural shape, which lots of more curve-hugging dresses require.
  • Non Padded Balconette Bra: A stylish, glamorous bra with non-padded cups. Great for keeping you cool while still looking fabulous.

What are the benefits of a non-padded bra?

Frequently made with soft materials, a non-padded bra can feel almost non-existent. And yet, you still get support and a decent level of shaping. There are plenty of women who won’t go back to padded bras after feeling the light touch of a non-padded bra.

Breathability and heat regulation is a massive part of how we judge whether a bra is right for us or not. By getting rid of padding and getting your lift or shape through other features, you will see a dramatic increase on how cool your boobs stay throughout the day. If you aren’t quite ready to go non-padded for all occasions, consider giving one a try on a summer’s day, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

For clothes which suit a bust with a more natural appearance, a non-padded bra is a great option. By staying discreet and not trying to enhance your bust, a non-padded bra can be great to pair with tight, body-hugging clothes. For achieving a natural, feminine, simple aesthetic, a non-padded bra is unbeatable.

Because non-padded describes only the cup, there’s a whole host of options when it comes to non-padded bras, from sexy lace numbers through to soft, supportive cotton styles. Consider a non-padded lace bra for a cosy night in with a special someone. And if you’re feeling extra confident, a sheer non-padded bra can give you a fun and sexy aesthetic. There’s almost no limit to the range of colours and materials used with non-padded bras, so be sure to look around before deciding on the one for you.

If you have any questions regarding any of our non-padded bras or would like to discuss whether or not they’re right for you, get in touch with our team on 01793 487100.