Playtex lingerie is all about naturally flattering designs made from expert corsetry know-how and expertise. With an emphasis on making women feel good about themselves, Playtex lingerie is a perfect addition to your underwear drawer.

Inspired by nature and well-being, these bras and Playtex underwear make the most of a long-standing history in leading lingerie design. Lingerie by Playtex is all about creating the perfect silhouette, utilising the best new bra technologies, as well as expert skills passed down the generations.

Playtex Lingerie is split into different ranges which all create different effects. The running theme is comfort and impeccable fit; however, each Playtex line has its own signature ethos. Choosing to buy Playtex online gives you access to luxury products from the comfort of your own home.

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Flower Elegance – Playtex Lingerie

Made with beautiful, intricate patterns and soft, stretch lace, the Flower Lace range provides sophistication, style and comfort all in one. Expect satin bows, timeless floral patterns, super-soft materials and a variety of colour schemes. There’s also a wide range of shapes, meaning you can get the luxury of Flower Lace Playtex UK lingerie in your favourite types of bra and briefs.

Ideal Beauty – Playtex Lingerie

The Ideal Beauty range by Playtex is all about comfort and support. Unpretentious yet elegant, this range is available in antique white, nude and black colour schemes, providing you with a timeless lingerie ensemble. Made from super soft fabrics and with 360°-degree support, an Ideal Beauty bra is a real must-have for your lingerie collection.

With options for wired or non-wired bras and soft, moulded cups, you can choose a Playtex UK bra that will keep you comfortable all day long, whatever your preference. With anti-bulge technology and high supporting sides, these bras are truly revolutionary and will soon become your go-to-bra!

Cross Your Heart – Playtex Lingerie

With its inception stemming all the way back to the 1950’s this range is the result of extensive research. Refreshed for the modern woman, both style and fit, a Cross Your Heart Playtex bra features an iconic X construction. This helps to separate the breasts and fits perfectly to the chest. With options for cotton, lace and microfibre, as well as wired or non-wired, you have plenty of choices to ensure you get the best Playtex lingerie for your body’s needs.

The History of Playtex Lingerie

The 1930’s:

The International Latex Corporation (ILC) is founded by Abraham Nathaniel Spanel, with a focus on producing latex products like swimwear and bathing caps. After major success in the development of latex products, the ILC is granted approval for producing and marketing latex girdles. These were incredibly popular because they provided women with a new approach to lingerie, focused on comfort and fit.

The 1940’s:

The Playtex brand is launched with an emphasis on ‘bras for living’. Made with brand new elastic technologies, namely Nylon, these bras were revolutionary for women, providing new levels of support and fit.

The 1950’s:

The Cross Your Heart Playtex line is launched, with a focus on shape and enhancing the wearer’s silhouette.

The 1960’s:

Updates to latex technology made the Playtex brand even more popular. Now coming with micro-perforations which majorly increased breathability, the already comfortable bras were made even more so!

The 1990’s:

With the increase of advertising and consumer culture, Playtex redesigned their lingerie to focus not only on comfort but on sophistication and style too. Now, Playtex looked to create lingerie that would leave women feeling and looking beautiful, in work, at home, and on the move.

The noughties:

Playtex lingerie is now manufactured with size at the forefront of its design process. Instead of designing a bra and then adapting it to the different cup and chest sizes, Playtex designed bras specifically for differing bust-sizes.


Playtex introduce Tonique Contour, a revolutionary bra that enhances the bust line, creating a rounded and full shape.


The Ideal Beauty line is created, boasting a new generation construction which provides superior uplift and bust-definition to anything seen before.

As will now be clear, Playtex lingerie makes the most of a long history of expert corset and lingerie design, enhanced for the modern woman. For any more information on Playtex lingerie, contact our bra and lingerie experts on 01793 487100.